paper insert 500x400

NewsPaper Insert

Flyer and leaflet distribution through newspaper is helpful if you are attempting to target customers within a particular residential area. One benefit is that the recipient might end up passing a flyer or leaflet on to a friend. These will then double the number of people that the business expose itself to.



We are proud to offer high-quality all type of printing at affordable cost. Our printing services are perfect for large print jobs for flyers, leaflet & brochures. This is a perfect printing service for companies who need to keep printing with low cost across India.

petrol pump 500x400

Petrol Pump Activity

We have more than 6000 petrol pump network with 6 million daily footfalls. Services like product sampling, leaflet distribution and hoardings at petrol pump will grow your brand at next level.


Lift / Elevator Advertisement

This is the most effective advertising available in terms of brand awareness. Vinyl wraps and poster deployment in elevators at private societies, Malls and corporate park is creative approach for brand loyalty and retention.


Auto Rickshaw Branding

The auto rickshaw branding to different part of the society, which allows the advertising to attract the attention of potential clients on various vehicles, walking on street and just passing by.


Corporate/RWA Activity

This Offers a platform to get your target audience directly and pragmatic environment that they are comfortable in. With the increase in size of corporate park/society has become a wide forum for promoting your brand.


Tricycle Activity

Tricycle promotions are designed to spread the knowledge of launch of new product or launch of new services by a company . Generally this mode of advertisement is done by the local companies who want to spread the knowledge of their products and services in the area . The tricycle promotions catch the attention of the customers and potential customers in short period of time , as the promotions have high visibility due to the passage of tricycles through the streets and road of the city .

Door & car tagg 500x400

Door / Car Tagging

Attract targeted clients with creative print card by hanging on doors and cars, which gives direct reach to your audience for promote your brand.

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